TOSHIBA GRR39MD 2dr fridge 390l

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Product Information - Overview Untitled Document
  • Hybrid Plasma Deodorizer
  • UV Fresh Guard
  • Cool Air Wrap
  • Ag+ Antibacteria Vegetable Crisper
  • Fan Cooling - No Frost
  • Tempered Glass Shelf
  • LED Light
  • Twist Ice Tray


  • Gross Total : 390
  • Net Total : 313
  • Storage Volume Freezer : 73
  • Storage Volume Refrigerator : 240

Hybrid Plasma Deodorizer

Proven to kill bacteria 400X better. Removes odours 10X better and ethylene gas 100X better. It is also 100% maintenance free.

UV Fresh Guard

Ultra Violet LED removes 95% of bacteria from the surface of the meat and fish in the chiller compartments.

Cool Air Wrap

A new feature that deodorizes and circulates air from the rear of the fridge (where it's cooler and fresher) to every area in the fridge. The result is a fresher and more pleasant-smelling fridge. In addition, the minus ion is also spread more evenly

Ag+ Antibacteria Vegetable Crisper

The new Ag+ Clean crisper is an enhancement to the existing Hybrid Guard System, aiming to provide additional protection and preservation features. Drawing advantage from the properties of Solver (Ag), a natural agent that restrains bacteria-growth, the Ag+ Clean crisper helps to keep vegetable and fruits fresh. By inhibiting bacteria cells from growing, the nutritional value of the vegetables and fruits is also preserved significantly.





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