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Extended Warranty – Furniture


This Contract is not an Insurance Policy or Guarantee. This Contract is an extension of the dealer’s warranty as may be applicable. It is not a guarantee or promise relating to the nature of the material, workmanship or performance of your Product.
You have indicated you require the Contract for the furniture you have purchased (the “Product”) from Courts on the sales receipt/tax invoice and you have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions governing this Contract.
The Product must be purchased new from Courts and if not purchased simultaneously with the Product, the Contract must be purchased by you within 30 days from delivery date of the Product.
The term of your Contract will be 3 years from the purchase or delivery date (whichever is later) (i.e. 2 years extension plus the one (1) year manufacturer/dealer’s warranty period or Courts’ original written warranty period).

In this Contract, the following words have the following meanings:
(i) “we,” “us” and “our” or “Courts” refer to COURTS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD (Co No. 198601005660) (154820-D)
(ii) “you” and “your” refer to the Customer or Purchaser and if applicable, the Co-Purchaser of the Product covered by the Contract.

The repairs/replacements covered by this Contract for your Product are set out below:

BASIC COVERAGE: This Contract covers Structural Damage. “Structural Damage” refers to:
(1) damage to frames caused by warp and breakage;
(2) bending and breakage of metal components;
(3) separation of seams; ie the breakage of threads that hold the seams together, with the thread holes still intact without any material tearing;
(4) damage to mechanical or electrical mechanism; (5) broken zips, castors and buttons;
(6) lifting or peeling of the genuine external leather finishing – separation of leather from the fabric lining.
It is Courts’ discretion on whether to repair or replace your Product with a like kind or quality as Courts deems appropriate in the circumstances. Replacement parts will be original or non-original manufacturer’s parts that perform to factory specifications. If the Product is replaced, the remaining tenure together with the terms and conditions of your Contract will continue for the replaced Product.

Courts have no obligations or liability whatsoever under the Contract if the manufacturer’s recommended instructions on the care and cleaning of the Product, its structure and upholstery are not complied with by you. The Product should be cleaned, vacuumed and rotated regularly and kept away from direct sun exposure.

Courts shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or injury to a person or loss or damage to property, whether it be incidental, contingent, special, or conse- quential including but not limited to losses due to any delay in rendering services or loss of use of the Product for the period that your Product is at an authorized repairer and/or awaiting replacement parts.

Courts liability for any one (1) repair visit shall in no event exceed the market value of the Product at the time of the said repair.

Courts will replace your Product with one of like kind and quality if the Product is not repairable or beyond economical repair. The replaced Product (the spoilt unit) shall become the property of Courts. Courts reserves the right to refund to you the market value or original purchase price of the spoilt Product, whichever is lower, if Courts is unable to provide a replacement product that matches the quality and specification of the faulty Product. If the Product is replaced, the replaced Product will continue to be covered under the Contract on the same terms until the expiry of the Contract.

The total costs paid or payable under this Contract for any one (1) repair visit or replacement shall not exceed the original purchase price (or such proportion thereof as may be determined by Courts in its sole discretion to be attributable to the spoilt unit) paid by you for the Product covered by this Contract.

Courts will not be liable under the Contract if you do not submit the Product to an authorized repairer for repair before (a) the expiry of the Contract or (b) if a breakdown report has been submitted before the expiry of the Contract, within 30 days of its breakdown.


  • Products that are still covered by the manufacturer’s/dealer’s original written warranty, or Courts’ dealer warranty, repairer’s warranty, or any other warranties in effect.
  • Any defects that are subject to recall by the manufacturer/dealer.
  • Normal wear and tear of the Product (unless otherwise covered by the relevant warranty cover).
  • Failure to follow manufacturer’s recommended instructions for routine care maintenance, inspection, cleaning, removal of odors, lubrication, external adjustments etc.
  • Unauthorized modifications or add on options made to the Product.
  • Non-operating and cosmetic items, paint, color, or Product finish; accessories used in or with the Product; external cables and cords; glass and lens; add-on options incorporated.
  • Failure to follow manufacturer’s installation, operation or maintenance instructions.
  • Repairs performed by any non-authorized repairer.
  • External faults such as wiring or electrical connection and consequential losses of any kind.
  • Arm caps and scatter cushions.
  • Misplacement of buttons.
  • Repairs necessitated by accidental or intentional physical damage (such as chipping, denting, scratching).
  • Cracked glass due to omission, negligence or default.
  • Repairs to upholstery caused by burns and/or punctures if tears and/or rips caused by such burns and/or punctures are sighted/located on the same upholstery.
  • Burglary, theft, corrosion, insect and/organic infestation (from internal and/external sources), pet damage, misuse, neglect and abuse.
  • Damage resulting in any type of stains, general soiling from normal use, fabric failure including fraying, fading or use of non-colour fast materials.
  • Cost of diagnosis where no defect has been found or noted.
  • Defects and on-site service charges not covered by the manufacturer's/dealer’s original written warranty.
  • Shipping charges, express service charges, transportation damage, costs of removal, installation or reinstallation of the Product.
  • Commercial use (multi-user organizations), public rental, use for profit or communal use for multi-family housing.
  • Furniture in storage or transit.
  • Any loss or damage to the Product resulting from fire, smoke damage, ash, flood or sunlight (howsoever caused).
  • Any loss or damage to the Product resulting from an act of God (including without limitation, events such as earthquake), war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations, civil war, civil commotion.
  • Do-It-Yourself furniture or furniture that is assembled by you.
  • Damage caused by excessive heat.

For Service in Malaysia ➡ Call Courts Cover Extended Warranty Hotline 1800 18 1108
If the Product failure occurs, you must call the Courts Cover Extended Warranty Hotline at 1800 18 1108 (during office hours) to report the failure during office hours. Courts’ Customer Service Representatives will guide you through the service process. To expedite service, please ensure that you have your Contract details readily available before placing the call. If the failure is not reported to Courts prior to repair, the repair will not be approved. You are required to utilize the original manufacturer’s/dealer’s warranty if it is still valid notwithstanding that the Contract is already in force.
Repairs must only be carried out by a repairer nominated by us on each occasion and is subject to pre-authorisation from us. During the duration of the Contract, portable items should be brought to our nominated repairer. All other items will be subject to call-out service. For all repairs, the Contract sales receipt/invoice for the Product must be presented.

Termination of Contract
The Contract will terminate if any of the following events occur:-
(i) upon expiry of the Contract;
(ii) if your Product is surrendered to Courts; or
(iii) upon your written notification to us of cancellation of the Contract together with surrender to us of the original sales receipt/invoice within 30 days of the date of purchase of the Contract.

Courts retain the right to terminate the Contract if any installment payment under the Credit Sale Agreement for the Product remains unpaid for a period of 3 months and all fees paid to Courts in relation to this Contract shall be non-refundable and shall be forfeited absolutely.

Assignment of Contract
If you sell or transfer your Product to another consumer within the period of the Contract, you must call the Courts Cover Extended Warranty Hotline within 14 days and effect the transfer of the Contract in writing. It is also important to report your new address if you move and take the Product with you. You may only transfer this Contract if you have purchased the Product by cash or if you have fully settled and discharged all your obligations and liabilities under the Credit Sale Agreement relating to the Product.

Personal Data Protection
This Contract is issued pursuant to your subscription to the Extended Warranty Service AND is subject to terms and conditions set out below. Kindly take a few moments to check that all the particulars, specifically your personal information printed in this Contract are correct. Failure to revert within 14 days from the date of this Contract will mean that all your personal information contained herein are complete, true and accurate. Any personal information collected by and retained by us is for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations under this Contract as well as to update you on any of our related services. Kindly be informed that in order to fulfill our obligations under this Contract, we will provide your personal information to AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad (“AIG Malaysia”), which in turn may be disclosed by AIG Malaysia to individuals, service providers & organizations associated with AIG Malaysia or any other selected 3rd parties (within or outside of Malaysia, including reinsurance & claims investigation companies & industry associations) for the purpose of storing and processing this application and providing subsequent service(s) for this purpose, AIG Malaysia’s financial products and services and data matching, surveys and to communicate with you for such purposes and in order to support back-end processing and repair services associated with this Contract. You understand that you have the right to obtain access to and to request correction of any personal information held by Courts and/or AIG Malaysia concerning yourself. Such request can be made by contacting Courts as stated above. By submitting your personal information, you are indicating your consent to allow us and/or AIG Malaysia or any other selected third parties to keep you posted on any other products, services and upcoming events. If you do not wish to be contacted by us, you can opt out anytime by writing to us or AIG Malaysia, as the case may be.

Notwithstanding that this Contract may be reproduced in several languages, the English version shall prevail.

The Customer and if applicable, the Co-Purchaser hereby acknowledge and declare that they have read and understood the terms and conditions stated herein and agree to be bound by the same.

NOTE: Signature(s) of Purchaser/Co-Purchaser are not required if You are signing a Services Agreement with Courts.